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Why I am a Voluntaryist

[by Scott Swain]
I share this guy's reasons [video below]. I am glad he brought up consistency and clarity. I also think of integrity. For example, in my day-to-day interactions with people, I never initiate violence or theft. For example, it wouldn't be cool for me to barge into another person's home and tell them how to live so therefore, I do not wish to support anyone else (our government, for example) doing the same, either here or abroad. It would never be cool for me to steal from another person, even if I have a heart-wrenching story of how I want to give the stolen goods to someone who really needs them, so therefore, I do not support anyone else (our government, for example) doing the same. No exceptions. To me, that is integrity.

It is also my belief that maximizing voluntary transactions while de-legitimizing involuntary transactions will have a net positive effect for all of us, and especially on the most poor. Rather than assume anyone knows better for another person, I prefer to assume that every person's path is their own and no one can predict what ripples will spread any time we interfere in someone's life. I embrace the idea that joy and suffering are both natural and necessary for us all to learn, grow, and thrive!  I believe that true generosity comes from the heart, voluntarily, and that forced giving is a wasteful and costly corruption. 

I wonder how many will read this and ask, "But- but- who will build the roads?" I wonder how many know that question, however valid, has become a joke phrase among Libertarians, Agorists, Anarchists, and Voluntaryists? If you really want to know who will build the roads, I recommend utilizing Google. The short answer: If something is important to people, they will build it.